Published: 8 February 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rsrnd6x7c8.1
Ali Ahmadi


After about 5 years of data gathering in the field of Shahrekord PERSIAN cohort study, a big database has been produced read about 20 million variable figures. PIs invites name researchers from all over the world to collaborate in interpretation and research by using this valuable database. Epidemiological research on disease prevalence and the risk factors of NCDs, data mining studies, using artificial intelligence and augmented reality, statistical modeling, and longitudinal studies to follow cause and effect Relations in health events or among the subjects can generally be practiced for these collaborative studies. To read the terms and conditions of these studies and any other information needed you can be referred to And


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Any researcher or faculty member Who likes to collaborate in this project can contact us on: or and


Shahrekord University of Medical Science


Epidemiology, Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology, Molecular Epidemiology, Non-Infectious Disease, Social Epidemiology, Epidemiology of COPD, Precision Medicine