Data for: A yolk shell Fe3O4 @PA-Ni@Pd/Chitosan nanocomposite -Modified carbon ionic liquid electrode as a New Sensor for the Sensitive Determination of fluconazole in Pharmaceutical Preparations and Biological Fluids

Published: 9 March 2018| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/rt2y66b3hb.2
Saied Saeed Hosseiny Davarani, yasamiin bide, Alireza Taheri, zeinab rezayatiz zad


In this study, a versatile method was used to synthesize Ni@Pd core–shell nanoparticles, immobilized on Fe3O4@polyaniline yolk–shell composites (Fe3O4@PA) as a novel electrode modifier. Up to now, application of this nanoparticles have not been reported. The constructed nanocomposite and Chitosan were utilized for the modification of carbon ionic liquid electrode (CILE) for high sensitive determination of fluconazole in biological and pharmaceutical samples. By using response surface methodology and input data, the graphical relationship between responses and variables is obtained and the multiple regression analysis can be carried out.



Drugs, Design of Experiment, Ionic Liquid, Electrode