Èkram Hadi Alaskaree Technical Instructors Training Institute, Middle Technical University, Baghdad, Iraq, ekram.hadi@mtu.edu.iq

Published: 19 October 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rt9g6g4vrg.1
ekram alaskaree


name: Ekram Hadi Saleh birth date military: 1964 marital status: married and I have two children religion: Muslim title: Iraq/Baghdad telephone:00964 7701716184 e-mail: ekramhs2000@gmail.com master: engineering machinery and equipment/solar branch/Baghdad Technological University 2007 graduate diploma: engineering machinery and equipment/BR/2004/Baghdad Technological University Bachelor of engineering machinery and equipment/Baghdad Technological University 1988 abstract experience:. Department of machinery and equipment/Baghdad Technology Institute (1989-1993) 1 studied material engineering drawing for the first and second phases motor pool heat and Fluid Dynamics Lab functional language mechanics math computing capacity machines auto electrical material 2. DMV/session/industry Baghdad's Saydiyah (1995-1993) engineering drawing for phases I, II and III auto mechanics math language 3. DMV and air conditioning and refrigeration/Technical College/Baghdad (1995-1997) engineering drawing. DMV and air conditioning and refrigeration/Technical College/Baghdad (1995-1997) engineering drawing and synthesis of phases I and II mechanics laboratories. 4. Machinery and equipment Engineering/University of technology/Baghdad (1997-2000) al thermodynamics fluid laboratory lab engineering drawing auto. 5. Central Technical University/Institute of technical trainers/Baghdad (2012-2017) techniques computer theoretical and practical theoretical and practical cars electric auto mechanics thermodynamics theoretical and practical theoretical and practical internal combustion engines. 6. . . The supervision of six projects students. 7. ongoing research and research published to the magazine Ress on his way into publishing.



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