Realistic TRACE Input Model for 4-Loop PWR LOCA Analysis

Published: 14 May 2024| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/rvfm4m78g3.2


Included are the TRACE steady state and transient restart input files for a Westinghouse 4-loop PWR LBLOCA analysis as described in: A. Wysocki and N. Capps, "A Realistic TRACE PWR LOCA Model with Application to High Burnup Analysis," Annals of Nuclear Energy (in progress), 2024. The model is an improved version of the typpwr.inp model provided with the TRACE and SNAP code distributions, including the following main modifications: - Replaced the original pipes and side junctions in the core/vessel region with a VESSEL component - Split the lumped intact loop into 3 separate loops - Split the VESSEL core region into two radial rings and 4 azimuthal sectors - Modified the ECCS consistent with the OECD BEMUSE LBLOCA benchmark specifications - Enabled CSS - Enabled detailed fuel rod modeling options Please cite the above mentioned paper in all publications that made use of this file.



Nuclear Engineering, Nuclear Reactor Safety, Nuclear Safety Analysis, Computational Thermal Hydraulics


U.S. Department of Energy