Amadori et al. (Measurement Dataset - Ptychodus maghrebianus and P. mortoni)

Published: 21 January 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rvvwx786vp.1
Manuel Amadori


Matrix of linear measures taken on various isolated, articulated and associated teeth (see also Tab. 1) belonging to Ptychodus maghrebianus sp. nov. (MAG) and P. mortoni (MOR) or still indeterminate (IND). Linear measurements are in millimeters (see Fig. 3 for acronyms and more details). Estimated values are highlighted in yellow. Asterisks indicate teeth assembled artificially. H, holotype; C, FHSM VP-17415C; P, tooth placement within the dental plate; Lt, left hemiarch; Rt, right hemiarch; m, symphyseal teeth; ln, lateral teeth.


Steps to reproduce

See " Analytical protocol" section in: Amadori M., Kindlimann R., Fornaciari E., Giusberti L., Kriwet J. (________). A new cuspidate ptychodontid shark (Chondrichthyes; Elasmobranchii), from the upper Cretaceous of Morocco with comments on tooth functionalities and replacement patterns. Journal of African Earth Sciences, __: __ - __.


Data Matrix