Data for: A method for predicting the structure of corium pool in lower plenum of reactor vessel

Published: 11 January 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rvwn4892bn.1
Liu Lili


A method is designed to predict the structure of corium pool bases on U-Zr-O-Fe thermo-chemical reactions (Salay theory) and takes into account the accident progressions calculated by severe accident codes. Especially, the formation of light metal layer is not hypothetical and the conditions for a three-layer pool formation are described in this method. The heat flux distributions on the outside of reactor vessel are also analyzed. It is found that, the structure and heat flux of corium pool obtained by this method are unique while they are various because of the compositions in light metal layer is user input in MAAP5 code. Although the thickest and thinnest light metal layer are obtained in MAAP5 code, based on which the conservative heat flux cannot be obtained due to the heat flux of light metal layer is not always inversely proportional to its thickness, and this is inconvenient for judging the validity of in-vessel retention (IVR) strategy.



Nuclear Reactor Safety