Data demonstrating ‘disciplines’ as a veritable context for differentiated instruction

Published: 4 December 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rw8p7rxpc3.1
Godwin Ioratim-Uba


-Raw data in Excel evidencing ‘disciplines’ as part of classroom heterogeneity in the researched differentiation instruction, and two post-instruction analysed conference abstracts (CAs) depicting discipline-specific move and linguistic features (File #1-2). -Analysed data in Excel comprising the utilisation of ‘disciplines’ as a basis for differentiated instruction in classroom activities (File #3-4). -Analysed methodological representation of the process of learner mental alteration of existing internal linguistic structures to accommodate inputted disciplinary linguistic structures for CA writing outcomes (File #5). -Raw data encompassing strategies for disciplinary differentiation observed in the video-recorded instruction (File #6). -Processed mean, standard deviation, t test and effect size of the compared pre- and post-instruction CA marks, in Excel (File #7-12).



University of Nottingham - Ningbo China


Classroom Research