Boldness is affected by recent experience with predation cues and body size in mosquitofish

Published: 20-09-2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/ry8d4jnb47.2
Katie McGhee


These are lab collected data on field collected female mosquitofish. Focal individuals were either exposed to predator cues (alarm cue added and chased by a plastic bass) either 2Xday for 2 days (high risk), 2Xday for 1 day (low risk), or only exposed to water (no risk). They were then tested in a different assay each day for 3 days (day 1 = exploration assay; day 2 = sociality assay; day 3 = predator assay). Data is in “wide” format with a single row for each individual. Please see attached READ.ME file for details.