University students' perceptions about the Russia-Ukraine war. A global survey with Ecuadorian dataset.

Published: 26 April 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/ryghfbpnd4.2


The dataset contains 593 Ecuadorian university students' opinions about the possible scenarios and actions in the future due to the Russia -Ukraine war in 2022. The data collection tool is a Global online survey disseminated in Ecuador via social media inviting during one month to all Ecuadorian university students as voluntary participants. The survey of 34 items covers ten subjects: socio-demographic characteristics, general perception, economic circumstances, personal circumstances, military and other circumstances, actions and sanctions, response satisfaction, felt emotions, post-war era, and general reflections. The material should interest researchers in Education, Public Policies, and Psychology, among other areas. The original survey Student's perception on the Russia-Ukraine war 2022, and the frequency tables of economic topics analysis by socio-economic group are attached.


Steps to reproduce

The recruiting was carried out using convenience sampling, contacting online representatives of universities in Ecuador, chief among them being representatives. We disseminate the invitation with an information flyer regarding the time it would take to complete it, the study’s objectives, the informed consent, and the responses’ anonymity. The flyer was mostly used as an instrument in social media to understand the kind of questions they would be expected to answer and some context of the study.


Education, Higher Education, Russia, Ecuador, War, Ukraine, Public Economics of Economic System