Beijing neighborhood socioeconomic status dataset

Published: 10 June 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ryp8rng78f.1
Yan Li,


This is supplementary data to the article "Measuring neighborhood socioeconomic status from the sky and the street", which shows the results of the extrapolation of socio-economic conditions of neighborhoods in two scales (938 traffic analysis zones and 130 townships) in the central area of Beijing. The neighborhood socioeconomic status (nSES) comprise a total of eight indicators in five dimensions. 1. Hukou - Percentage of households with a hukou (HUKOU) 2. Education - Percentage of tertiary educated population (TER_EDU) - Mean years of schooling (EDU_YRS) 3. Employment - Percentage of high paying population (JOB) 4. Income - Mean household income (INCOME) 5. Housing - Mean floor area (AREA) - Mean floor area per capita (AREA_PER) - Percentage of commercial housing (COM_HOUSE)



Tsinghua University


Urban Planning