Original diatom counts of core BBS-1 from Galveston Bay, Texas, USA

Published: 1 December 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rzb4t7cf3w.1
Qiang Yao


This dataset lists the original microscopic counts of 32 diatom species of a 185 cm core from Galveston Bay, Texas, USA. Radiocarbon dating indicates the age of this core to be ~2000 cal yr BP.


Steps to reproduce

Diatom extraction and processing followed the standard procedure and treatment described in Tomas et al. (1997) and Wachnicka et al. (2013). Tomas, C. R., Hasle, G. R., Syvertsen, E. E., Steidinger, K. A., & Tangen, K. (1997). Marine diatoms. Identifying marine phytoplankton, 5-385. Wachnicka A, Collins LS, Gaiser EE. Response of diatom assemblages to 130 years of environmental change in Florida Bay (USA). Journal of Paleolimnology. 2013 Jan;49(1):83-101.


Louisiana State University


Palynology, Microfossil, Diatomics, Paleoecology