NFL Counties COVID-19 Case Data

Published: 16 March 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rzmw4p4kbh.1
Justin Kurland,


The following dataset are the raw cumulative counts for the 219 counties of interest. This includes the in-county (N=30) surrounding counties (N=189). The data is provided in two ways, for R users a .rds is provided, for Python-users and those who utilize statistical software a .csv file of the same data is provided.


Steps to reproduce

A simple R program sourced the New York Times GitHub repository (available here: for COVID-19 cases and a series of simple functions that made use of regex iterated through each respective state and county identifying matches for the counties identified as either having the stadium or contiguous too them. All counties were identified using the 2019 Census information and NFL team websites to identify their respective locations. The only additional step for generating the pooled cumulative data provided was to sum the cumulative counts across the counties of interest for each respective team.


University of Southern Mississippi


Public Health, COVID-19