Published: 14 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/s2mm5btmy5.1
Ardi Wiranata


This equipment list is a part from a manuscript entittled A Cost Effective DIY Electromechanical Tensile Test Equipment for Stretchable Sensor Reliability Assessment that is published in HardwareX. The asbtract of this paper is as follows: The growing interest of soft robotics increase the demand of stretchable sensors.The high performance of stretchable sensors depens much on the linearity, reliability and the hysteresis of the stretchable conductive materials. In some applications of conductive materials also requires a stretchable conductive materials that can maintain the cunductivity owhile sustaining large and multiple cycle of stretch and releas test. To understand the stretchable electrode quality, researcher should perform a electromechanical test. However, reseqarcher requires a high investment cost to use a profesional type of electromechanical tensile test. In this research, we proposed a novel version of Do-it- yourself (DIY) electro-mechanical tensile test (EMTT) to resolve the high investment cost problems. The DIY-EMTT is based on the arduino-nano module. We integrate the load cell, displacement sensor, motor linear stage and DIY resistance meter. Furthermore, We provide step by step to build the DIY-EMTT. We expect our DIY-EMTT can boost the development of stretchable sensor in soft robotics.



Universitas Gadjah Mada Departemen Teknik Mesin dan Industri


Robotics, Sensor, Soft Sensor, Mechanical Testing, Tensile Testing, Electrical Property, Electrical Resistance


This work was supported by Doctoral Competency Improvement Program Universitas Gadjah Mada Number