The influence of different commercial yeasts on aroma compounds of rose wine produced from cv. Öküzgözü grape

Published: 19 March 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/s34xg3nyny.2
Kemal Sen


In this study, the effects of the use of different commercial yeasts on the aroma compounds of wines produced from Öküzgözü grape grown in Elazığ, Turkey, were investigated. For this purpose, three different wines have been produced through spontaneous fermentation and using commercial yeasts (NBY17 and X5). The aroma compounds of these wines were isolated using the liquid-liquid extraction method. These compounds were identified and quantified using the GC- MS - FID system. This file contains data showing the effects of different commercial yeasts on the aroma of wine.



Nevsehir Haci Bektas Veli Universitesi


Wine, Wine Yeasts, Aromatic Compound