Database on arthropod capture attempts and floral visits by hummingbirds

Published: 24 July 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/s3hnjdrvwk.1


This database shows the number of arthropod capture attempts and flower visits by the members of a hummingbird ensemble that lives in a seasonal ecosystem of West Mexico (Nevado de Colima volcano) at 4260 m a. s. l. Foraging data were collected during the warm-dry (May 2016), rainy (September 2016), and cold-dry (February 2017) seasons using the ad libitum sampling method (54 hours/season). Data presented are 1) hummingbird species, 2) sex, 3) number of arthropod capture attempts, 4) number of floral visits, 5) total time of observation, and 6) the time of day when the observation was made.



Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico


Ecology, Ornithology