Are there Differences regarding the Blood Pressure Response between Vaccinated/Unvaccinated Patients Hospitalized for COVID-19 at more than 6 Month after the last Doze of Vaccine?

Published: 22 August 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/s3szrv66bc.1
Cristina Tudoran


Background: A major problem often encoutered in hospitalized patients with the corona virus 2 (COVID-19) disease is the management of blood pressure (BP) values. This study aims to analyze the evolution of BP values in hospitalized patients and to assess the impact of vaccination on their clinical outcome. (2) Methods: This retrospective study contains 85 patients divided into 2 groups: group A-39 vaccinated patients and group B – 46 unvaccinated patients admitted in the Infectious Diseases Clinic 1 of the Victor Babes Hospital Timisoara during the 6th wave of COVID-19 pan-demic. None of the subjects, even those diagnosed with systemic hypertension (SHT), had BP values over 150/90 mmHg at admission. The severity of COVID-19 was determined based on the thorax computed-tomography findings and spontaneous peripheral oxygen saturation. (3) Results: During hospitalization, the BP values were lower in group A compared to group B and vaccinated patients had fewer comorbidities. The multilinear regression model determined that in both groups, inflammatory markers had statistically significant influence over the systolic BP values at discharge. (4) Conclusions: The study suggests that vaccination may have a positive impact on BP values and on the clinical outcome of patients with COVID-19. The study was conducted by the researchers from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Victor Babes.