Database of Renewable Mini-Grid Projects for Rural Electrification

Published: 22 December 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/s3wm2sgjjb.2
Serasu Duran, Feyza Sahinyazan


The existing evidence on the use of renewable mini-grids in rural electrification is rather limited and compartmentalized across different pilot projects. The dataset included here consists of detailed information on 104 rural renewable electrification projects across the globe for decision-makers who want to design evidence-based projects. The data on each mini-grid is triangulated and verified from at least two different sources. The dataset can be used to analyze the factors that influence project costs and success, among a rich list of information including the date of installation, the project ownership structure, the types and sizes of installed technologies and storage, the country of installation, the project capacity, and the presence of demand management systems. The complete list of primary sources is included in the dataset, along with the commands and output from a descriptive study and two regression analyses conducted in the Stata software as example use cases.


Steps to reproduce

The data related to each project is manually encoded from a vast collection of primary documentation which includes multiple types of publications and media. These primary data sources include scientific publications, reports, and databases from governments, public utilities, regulators, and rural electrification agencies, grey literature such as NGO, donor and development agency reports, case studies, portfolios of private developers, official company press releases, and news articles. Project documentations were screened for eligibility by two independent authors. Data regarding each project was triangulated and cross-verified from at least two sources. A complete list of the primary sources can be found in the file named ‘Project References.pdf’.


Simon Fraser University, Haskayne School of Business University of Calgary


Social Sciences, Rural Electrification, Renewable Energy