Anxiety and Depression Among Tertiary Level Students in Bangladesh During COVID-19 Outbreak

Published: 22 June 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/s44bk9g3cp.1
MD Yeasir Yunus


It was our primary data. Study design: Online survey-based study has been used. It was a cross sectional study in nature as it incorporated different students of different institutions at a specific period. Study population & sample: Students over the age of 18 years (both male and female) in different tertiary level institutions, who provided their consent, were eligible to participate in the survey. Those, who were not students and those non-willing to participate, were excluded. Particularly, students of different universities, medical colleges and other related types of institutions were mainly the study population. The calculated Sample size was 384 students of different institutions with 95% confidence interval where error is 5% and proportion rate of the sample to population is 50% (p value= 0.5). 401 total responds were found at the end of the survey. It was considered as the final sample size.



Anxiety, International Students Issue, Depression of Adult, COVID-19