Data for: Hudson River juvenile Blueback herring avoid consuming microplastics

Published: 27 July 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/s45rhrs5cf.1
Molly Ryan


Each fish in this dataset was captured in the summer of 2016 in the Hudson River near Coxsackie, NY via beach seine. PrelimFish: spec #, total length (mm), weight (g), species, and comments of all fish FishDietData: zooplankton counts and microplastic counts within the gut of all fish, zooplankton counts and microplastic counts within the stream sample, zooplankton counts and microplastics counts within each lab control; microplastics are subdivided by both color and type CompData: compilation of zooplankton/plastic counts and relevant PrelimFish data into one chart, removal of data points that had been compromised (dropped, spilled, mislabelled, etc), includes calculated totals per type and color Cor&calc: CompData + calculations for the proportion of each diet/stream sample made up of each color/type of plastic, proportion of each diet/stream sample made up of zooplankton, proportion of each diet/stream sample made up of plastic as a whole, Jacob's Modified Electivity (JME) Index for each color/type of plastic in each gut, JME for zooplankton in each gut, repeats of final row of data for ease of computation; all diet samples were adjusted based on the lab control and the stream sample was adjusted based on the stream control FishFinaltxt: Cor&calc data but only the columns needed for statistical analysis (totals, proportions, and JME's... no individual counts, excludes stream samples and controls) UsedForStats: subset of the data that was used for statistical analysis (only includes the portion of the cor&calc data that was analyzed by the same individual who analyzed the stream sample, only includes blueback herring) Rresults: summary of results obtained by analyzing UsedForStats in R Abbreviation key: Red highlight - sample was compromised, data removed from analysis OthZoo - all other zooplankton taxa Daph - daphnia Amph - amphipod FlyLarv - fly larva Invert - recording mistake, this data point was removed from final analysis Ins larv - insect larva Tot - total Org - organic material Red - red plastic Or - orange plastic Yel - yellow plastic Grn - green plastic Blu - blue plastic Pur - purple plastic Wht - white plastic Clr - clear plastic Blk - black plastic Gry - gray plastic Gld - gold plastic Brwn - brown plastic Tan - tan plastic Fib - fiber Flm - film Frg - fragment Fm - foam Bd - bead LC - lab control TOTAL - total number of particles (organic + plastic) Prp - proportion (proportion of the total diet made up of this type of particle) JME - Jacob's Modified Electivity Index Plas - plastic CondInd - coefficient of condition (unitless) Sig - significant (yes/no) Dir - direction (positive/negative)



Aquatic Science, Plastics, Fish, Water Pollution, Aquatic Toxicology