Non-invasive bioimaging detection of methylmercury in the brain of living mice by protein templated gold nanoclusters

Published: 23 February 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/s46dyhzmds.1
Guanghua Zhao, Chenyan Lv, Shuhua Yin, Xiuqing Zhang, Jinwen Hu


First,16-mer ferritin-like protein (7A) can transport through blood brain barrier as human H chain ferritin does, which was verified by in vivo living image. Second, 7A templated gold nanoclusters are prepared, which was identified by TEM. Third,the as-prepared 7A-Au NCs are an effective probe for bioimaging MeHg+ detection in a brain-specific manner (living image in vivo and ex vivo) .



Ferritin, Blood-Brain Barrier, Methylated Mercury