Evaluation of 3D length measurements behind an additional glass pane

Published: 1 July 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/s48fb2nbfn.2
Mats Bremer


This data was createtd with structured light scanner and a 40 mm gauge block behind a 20mm thick borsilicate glass pane. The aim of the data is to show and analyze the anticipated effect of the glass pane on the accuracy and measurement error of the scanner. The series of measurements analyze diffrent distances of the glass pane to the scanner and angular positions. The tested distances were 450, 490 and 530mm. The tested angular positions were 90°, 72° and 54°. For each distance all three angular positions were tested. For the comparison of measurement accuracy and measurement error a series of measurements without glass was done. The length measurements were carried out in an evaluation software called INSPECTplus. The data includes the determination of the repeat accuracy of INSPECTplus for measurements without glass. This is done to emphazise the occurance of a higher static error for measurements with a glass pane.



Hochschule Trier - Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld


3D Imaging, Optical Metrology