Dataset of original studies that reported public knowledge of telephone numbers for medical emergencies

Published: 19 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/s4pyb9k2w8.1
Alexei Birkun


This dataset contains the results of analysis of original peer-reviewed articles published in English since 2004 that reported the percentage of persons who knew telephone numbers for activating emergency medical services. The search of eligible papers was carried out in May 2024 in PubMed, Google Scholar, through the Google web search, and in reference lists of relevant publications. The dataset table collected the following data (sheet #1 "Dataset"): author(s), year of publication, study design, study geography, study participants, sample size, data collection settings, type of a question to evaluate knowledge of emergency numbers, percentage of subjects who knew emergency numbers, factors found to be associated and not associated with knowledge of emergency numbers, and recommendations formulated by the authors based on the research results. Sheet #2 ("Bibliography") of the dataset file contains a full bibliography of the articles included in the analysis (n=48). The dataset was utilised for performing the related scoping review.



Telecommunication, Emergency Medical Service, Public Health, Emergency Management, Emergency Care, Knowledge, Emergency Response, Telephone