Data from surveys performed in coffee harvesting fieldwork –Caldas, Colombia

Published: 13 November 2018| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/s5crxbwsyc.2
Vanesa Ramirez Valencia, Ricardo Arcila Vélez, Diana María Cardenas Aguirre, SANTIAGO RUIZ HERRERA


These data is related with the answers obtained from a semi-structured surveys done in June of 2017 in a fieldwork with visits to 18 farms interviewing owners, farm administrators, stewards and harvesters to analyze general features, the planning and scheduling of human resources in coffee harvesting, problems perceived internally and externally, characteristics of certain lots and the forms of grain collection used by workers. There are 5 books, a book for each topic: - Farms: it Presents the data about general features of each farm visited. - Planning: Shows how the farms make the planning for harvesting and schedule the human resources. - Problems: Here are the problems considered in the farms from different approaches as general, planning, human resources and environmental problems. - Lots: This data describes the lots characteristics where harvesters were interviewed. - Harvesters: It shows the data from 90 harvesters interviewed where was analized methods of harvesting and differente indicators such as performance, quality, losses and effectiveness Each book has 3 sheets, the first one is the table with all the answes collected to each question of the topic, the second sheet shows a summary report of the data, andthird sheet shows statistics applied to data when is possible, such as ranges, less and more frequent values, mean, median, standard deviation and variance.



Universidad Nacional de Colombia Sede Manizales


Agricultural Engineering, Personnel Scheduling, Colombia, Planning, Coffee