Laser Doppler Anemometry Dataset of Water Flow Downstream of a Venturi Nozzle at Fully Developed and Disturbed Inlet Flow Conditions.

Published: 5 June 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/s5s8dz7r69.1
Felix Heitmann,


This dataset contains velocity measurements in water collected with two laser Doppler anemometry probes downstream of a Venturi nozzle. The measuring volume size is 0.92 mm (along x-axis) and 0.06 mm (y-axis and z-axis). Measurements were carried out at four bulk Reynolds numbers between 50.000 and 945.000, at temperatures of 20 °C and 60 °C and at an abs. pressure of 2.5 bar. No positional corrections have been applied to the present dataset. Besides results for a fully developed upstream velocity profile (undisturbed), an asymmetric swirl disturbance generator was installed upstream of the Venturi nozzle and the measurement regime was repeated (disturbed). Detailed information about the experimental setup and procedures are available at DOI:10.1016/j.flowmeasinst.2020.101756. Describtion of the data structure: individual_burst_data: Filenames indicate in that order, separated by "_": - the upstream flow condition ("undist": fully developed pipe flow, "dist": asymmetric swirl disturbance generator 6D upstream of the optical access) - Reynolds-number in the upstream DN 150 pipe (e.g. "Re50k": Re = 50000) - Fluid temperature (e.g. "60C": T = 60 °C) - Number of the individual measurement out of three repeat measurements each (e.g. "1": First of three repeat measurements) - Description of the measurement system used (e.g. "ch1": System 1 was used for measurement) Each file contains one individual valid LDA burst event per row with four columns: x / mm - Horizontal position of the measuring volume center inside a 2-dimensional coordinate system that is perpendicular to the flow and with point of origin at the pipe axis. y / mm - Vertical position of the measuring volume center inside a 2-dimensional coordinate system that is perpendicular to the flow and with point of origin at the pipe axis. t / s - Relative time since start of the point-wise LDA measurement consisting of a number of individual LDA bursts. v / m/s - stream-wise particle velocity of this individual LDA burst. LDA bursts were collected at 300 points distributed all over the cross-sectional area of the glass pipe. due to limitations in software data handling, the resolution of the relative burst event time is limited to 1 millisecond. As a result, coincidental time stamps are occuring. Likewise, reset of the relative time appears sometimes. mean_velocities_data: Filenames follow the same scheme as for the individual burst data. Each file contains one row for each of the 300 measurement positions. x / mm - See above. y / mm - See above. v_mean / m/s - Average velocity of the LDA burst ensemble from the associated individual_burst_data-file. Averaging was carried out by inverse velocity weighting. Additionally, velocities were interpolated from nearby points if less than 10 bursts were recorded. Tu / % - Relative turbulence intensity. One standard deviation of the LDA burst velocity distribution divided by the arithm. mean velocity.



Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt


Fluid Dynamics, Laser Doppler Anemometer, Doppler Velocimetry