Date Fruit Dataset for Inspection and Grading

Published: 30 October 2023| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/s5zfvsw5kv.3


Date palm fruits are the most valuable and helpful in the world. It is consumed due to rich nutrients and a high diet. In this dataset, we have offered images of different varieties of date palm fruits (Aseel, Fasli toto, Gajar, and, Kupro). Dried date palm fruit processing is a challenging task because processing requires skilled labor to segregate date fruit according to varieties and grading scaling to export in the international market. The dataset contains raw images of four date fruit varieties and is stored in folders Aseel, Fasli Toto, Gajar, and Kupro. These are further divided into sub-folders like Large, Medium, and Small due to the size of the date fruit. Each size folder contains Grade-1, Grade-2, and Grade-3 folders. The acquired data will be utilized to develop an intelligent system for grading and inspection. The images were captured in a controlled environment with a defined distance between the camera and the object. Additionally, The augmentation has been performed to increase the size of dataset for the training and testing of deep learning models.



Shah Abdul Latif University


Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Agricultural Engineering