Immunological parameters after drug withdrawal

Published: 17 August 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/s65262wdmk.1
Guofen Re


We performed cytokine and multiplex immune profiling in drug users after withdrawal and identified the correlation between cytokines and other immune parameters. We showed that broad and strong inflammatory responses occurred at the early stage after drug withdrawal, and the inflammatory responses showed a downtrend with the extension of withdrawal time. Excel table 1 is the basic clinical data of drug users. Excel table 2 shows the levels of 27 cytokines after withdrawal from heroin, methamphetamine and ephedrine users. Excel table 3 shows the data of complement and immunoglobulin levels after drug withdrawal. Excel table 4 is the data of immune cell level after drug withdrawal. In the excel table, M0.5 represents 7-15 days of drug withdrawal, M3 represents 3 months of drug withdrawal, and M12 represents 12 months of drug withdrawal.



Immune Response, Addictive Disorder