Data for: Depression Biomarkers Using Non-Invasive EEG: A Review

Published: 7 August 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/s6kkgc3x5v.1
Fernando Soares de Aguiar Neto, Joao Luis Rosa


Also available at: Depression Biomarkers Using EEG: A Review Supplementary material for systematic mapping Disclaimer: Please cite the original article if any of the material is used. File: ReviewMethodology.pdf Information: Detailed description of the review methodology used. Table 1: Accepted Articles References Information: Reference keys matching the article, title and year of accepted and reported articles. File: AcceptedArticlesTable.pdf BibTex with accepted articles: BibTex(RevSys-DepressBiom2018).bib Table 2: Accepted Articles Summary Information: BibTex Keys, year, summarized information by article, pie chart with biomarker approaches. File: AcceptedArticlesSummary.csv Table 3: Data extraction form Information: Data extraction form used to organize the reading using Parsifal to aid the systematic review. This spreadsheet also has some charts. File: ExtractionForm.csv



Depression, Biomarkers, Literature Review