Real-world analysis of the rationality of the clinical use of sintilimab in 96 patients

Published: 5 November 2023| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/s7bnf5ty5s.3


Background: Sintilimab, remains underutilized in China. This study aims to assess the rationality of the clinical usage of sintilimab in such settings. Methods: A real-world study was conducted on patients who received sintilimab at the Pharmacy Department of Anhui Chest Hospital between November 2020 and October 2021. The study evaluated the rationality of sintilimab use based on four aspects: indications, combined medication, usage and dosage, and duration of medication. Results: Ninety-six patients with 316 cycles were included, comprising 81 males (84.4%) and 15 females (15.6%). Lung cancer was the most common cancer type (n=85, 88.5%). Among these patients, sintilimab was used off-label in 10 cases (10.4%). Out of 316 cycles, 38 cycles were administered at an incorrect dilution (in 250 ml of 0.9% NaCl ), and 112 cycles were given at an incorrect dose (at 100 mg). Treatment-related adverse reactions occurred in 37 patients (38.5%), with six experiencing adverse reactions from sintilimab alone, 29 experiencing adverse reactions when combined with chemotherapy, and two experiencing adverse reactions when combined with antiangiogenic drugs. Conclusion: The real-world use of sintilimab involves off-label use and inappropriate dilution or dosing. Hospitals should strengthen management and promote rational drug use.


Steps to reproduce

Pull data after selecting conditions through the hospital system.


Anhui Chest Hospital


Chemotherapy, Tumor