Data on the effect of product innovation on customer satisfaction

Published: 24 June 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/s7f7jn63pr.1
Tamarapreye Dinyain


The research hypothesis for this study are stated below in their null form: Hi: the dimension of after sales service has no effect on the likelihood customers to repeat patronage. Hii: incremental product innovation has no impact positive brand perception. Hiii: Product design's ease of use has no influence on adequate feedback. Hiv: Quality of products does not affect likelihood of customers to recommend to others. Findings: Respondents who are the customers of Zaron cosmetics, based on the quantitative output are of the opinion that the effect after sales service has on the likelihood for customers to repeat patronage is insignificant. Incremental innovation has on weak influence on customers’ positive brand perception as supported by (Pishgar et al., 2013) and (Daragahi, 2017) who posited that innovation has a direct influence on customer satisfaction. Ease of use of products has on moderate influence on adequate feedback. Quality of product has a moderate influence on the likelihood of customers to recommend to others.



Covenant University


Business Performance Management