Role of Receptive Music Therapy in patients with Antenatal Anxiety

Published: 24 April 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/s7nrjd7z79.1
, Kritika Sehgal


Receptive techniques in music therapy include those in which the patients listen to music and share their emotions through quietness, voice, or another method of expression. The patients responses are developed in agreement with the healing goal of the pleasure, and the listening experience may be focused on the physical, emotional, logical, visual, or mystical components of the music. A questionnaire containing of 24 questions was developed and its validity was checked. The (Mean± SD) among the antenatal females is (27.18± 4.1). Music therapy is beneficial to reduce antenatal anxiety, depression and pain.



Maharishi Markandeshwar Institute of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation


Physical Therapy