munuSSM: A python package for the μ-from-ν Supersymmetric Standard Model

Published: 29 March 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/s7r25zcpcy.1


We present the public python package munuSSM that can be used for phenomenological studies in the context of the μ-from-ν Supersymmetric Standard Model (μνSSM). The code incorporates the radiative corrections to the neutral scalar potential at full one-loop level. Sizable higher-order corrections, required for an accurate prediction of the SM-like Higgs-boson mass, can be consistently included via an automated link to the public code FeynHiggs. In addition, a calculation of effective couplings and branching ratios of the neutral and charged Higgs bosons is implemented. This provides the required ingredients to check a benchmark point against collider constraints from searches for additional Higgs bosons via an interface to the public code HiggsBounds. At the same time, the signal rates of the SM-like Higgs boson can be tested applying the experimental results implemented in the public code HiggsSignals. The python package is constructed in a flexible and modular way, such that it provides a simple framework that can be extended by the user with further calculations of observables and constraints on the model parameters.



Computational Physics