10 years of Japan Earthquake Data with P and S phase onset time

Published: 22 April 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/s7rk7bj3zn.1


This is an earthquake database prepared from the K-NET dataset with added P and S wave ground-truth information. It contains 22119 earthquake event records from 1538 earthquakes during the year 1997-to 2006 and its corresponding metadata extracted from https://www.kyoshin.bosai.go.jp/. The metadata and raw waveform data are stored in a bson file named header.bson and accelerogram.bson respectively. Every accelerogram record contains header information regarding earthquake source parameters viz., location, magnitude, origin time, and depth. Some derived information e..g, sensor location, source to sensor-site distance, Peak Ground Acceleration ( tri-axial PGA) at the sensor site, duration of waveforms, and P, S phase arrival times are included in the database for multi-parameter analysis.


Steps to reproduce

MongoDB community edition ( https://www.mongodb.com/try/download/community) along with MongoDB Database Tools (https://www.mongodb.com/try/download/community) are to be installed. Using the "mongorestore" command from Mongoshell, the data can be exported to a MongoDB local server and can be used for further research.


Central Scientific Instruments Organisation CSIR, Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research


Seismology, Seismic Analysis, Earthquake, Seismic Wave