Sex differences in the molecular programs of pancreatic cells contribute to the differential risks of type 2 diabetes

Published: 21 September 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/s8bsv4cp23.1
Julia Wang


This data set contains integrated 10 published single-cell RNA-seq data sets on human pancreatic islet cells. The 10 single-cell RNA-seq studies were downloaded from the following depositories: Baron (GEO: GSE84133), Enge (GEO: GSE81547), Lawlor (GEO: GSE86473), Segerstolpe (EMBL-EBI: E-MTAB-5061), Muraro (GEO: GSE85241), Wang_C1 (GEO: GSE83139 and GSE154126), Wang_C1HT (, Wang_10x (, Xin (GEO: GSE81608), and Xin_10x (GEO: GSE114297). Raw reads were aligned to the GRCh38 genome assembly with STAR (version 020201) with default parameters. Gene expression matrices associated with individual single-cell RNA-seq data sets were further quality controlled and processed using Seurat pipeline (V4) . The combined reprocessed single-cell RNA-seq data were deposited as a Seurat object .



Florida State University


Single-Cell RNA Sequencing