Published: 1 December 2016| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/s8k6rywnk6.1
Fabio Giglietto


Following a shooting attack by two self-proclaimed Islamist gunmen at the offices of French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo on 7th January 2015, there emerged the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie on Twitter as an expression of condolences for the victims, solidarity, and support for the magazine’s right to free speech. Almost simultaneously, however, there was also #JeNeSuisPasCharlie explicitly countering the former, affirmative hashtag. The dataset contains a complete set of the 74,047 ids of tweets containing #JeNeSuisPasCharlie posted between 7th and 11th January and retrieved by purchasing the dataset from Gnip trough Sifter.


Steps to reproduce

Due to Twitter terms of service limitations you cannot re-distribute tweets, but only tweet identifiers. Users must use the Twitter API to re-hydrate the tweets using the ids. This allows Twitter to delete or otherwise restrict tweets if necessary. Also, twitter does not allow applications to support programmatic access to twitter data but only a "bulk download" capability that is limited to 100k tweets per day. See https://github.com/ubccr/twitter/tree/master/rehydration.


Universita degli Studi di Urbino Carlo Bo


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