Data for: Composition and dissolution kinetics of jarosite-rich segregations extracted from an acid sulfate soil with sulfuric material

Published: 21-04-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/s8kdf9t4fm.1
Austin Trueman


File contains: (1) the results of 5 jarosite dissolution experiments (namely, the concentration (mg/L) of various analytes measured (via ICP-OES) at given time intervals); (2) results of an acid digestion of the jarosite-rich sample (i.e. analyte concentrations (mg/L) per 1 gram of jarosite-rich sample); (3) particle size distribution results of the jarosite-rich sample collected using an Mastersizer 2000 (N.B. the results are a mean, where n = 6).