The legacy data of Late Bronze Age elemental composition analyses from Transdanubia

Published: 31 March 2023| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/s95z5xp5sr.3
János Gábor Tarbay


The database comprises the elemental-composition analysis results made on Late Bronze Age (Rei. Br B2–Ha B2) bronze objects from the territory of Transdanubia, West Hungary between 1889 and 2021.  The database contains the updated and corrected literature data and the revised dating of each find. Updates have been made by Dr. János Gábor Tarbay (Hungarian National Museum) in 2021. This is the 0.0 version of this legacy database, feel free to contact the author ( for updates and corrections. A special thanks goes to Ádám Kőszegi and László Kolonits for their kind assistance in re-identifying Savaria Museum finds. The database is part of the "The Technology, Use and Manipulation of Weapons from the Late Bronze Age Transdanubia" project (ID no. 134910). Project no. 134910 has been implemented with the support provided by the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund of Hungary, financed under the PD-2020 funding scheme.


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Applied methods: the data obtained from the cited literatures, objects were checked in museum collections


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