Survey on Teacher' Continuous Professional Development Habits in Vietnamese K-12 schools in 2019

Published: 30 June 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/s9by3yvh9t.1
Anh-Duc Hoang,
Ngoc-Thuy Ta,
Hiep-Hung Pham,
Yen-Chi Nguyen,
Dinh-Hai Luong


This dataset is a part of the project "Investigating Teacher's Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Habits in Southeast Asia". This dataset has been conducted from 24 Sep 2019 to 26 Mar 2020 over 48 K-12 schools in Vietnam, includes public school, private school (using traditional curriculum, or using bi-lingual curriculum), and international school. The final dataset include responses of 464 teachers, includes 263 Vietnamese teachers, and 202 expatriate teachers. There are three major parts which can be used for further analysis: (i) Demographic information; (ii) Teacher's CPD habits, and (iii) Teacher's perceptions toward student-centric approaches such as Project-based Learning.



Social Sciences