Data for: Multicomponent inverse modeling of supercritical fluid extraction of carotenoids, chlorophyll A, ergosterol and lipids from microalgae

Published: 17 May 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/sbsgfftskn.1
Victor Abrahamsson, Niklas Andersson, Larissa P. Cunico, Bernt Nilsson, Charlotta Turner


This dataset contains the extraction curves of 42 extractions of carotenoids, chlorophyll A, ergosterol and total lipids from microalgae Chlorella Sp. The supercritical fluid extraction was performed at various temperatures (40-60 °C), pressures (15-30 MPa), flow rates (1-4 g/min) and fractions of ethanol as a co-solvent (0-8% mole fraction). This dataset can be used to develop or to test models that describe the supercritical fluid extraction process. The extraction curves were derived from in-line and on-line measurements using absorbance spectroscopy and evaporative light scattering detection.



Supercritical Fluid Extraction