Charles River Data Water Quality Sensor Data

Published: 27 June 2020| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/sc64wp5c7m.3
Puneet Arora


Charles River Data Water Quality Sensor Data Descriptive Statistics data. This is year-wise data. And the descriptive statistical analysis is also given Year Wise. The dataset starts with the year 2015 and end with 2018 values. Based on this dataset, equation modelling and machine learning models can be built for water quality assessment.


Steps to reproduce

The dataset originally belong to It has been processed in such a way that a separate file is generated for each year. This enables to analysis year wise. Secondly, the dataset was transformed into categories form so that it can be segregated into fit and unfit classes For Statistical Analysis output (Year_desc files), python function on descriptive analysis can be run on year-wise data


Water Quality Assessment, Drinking Water Quality, Water Quality Indicator