Surveys of Local Government Employees in Australia and New Zealand - Planning for Cycling/Bicycling within Local Governments

Published: 29 December 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/scbbbv2b8d.1


This data is the results set for a survey of local governments in Australia and New Zealand collected online (recruited by email) during 2020. Questions related to perceptions of cycling/bicycling for different transport purposes. Questions include the respondent's own recent cycling activity. Issues in planning for cycling - including cyclist's safety, development of bike plans, perceptions of stakeholders, barriers to cycling and to planning for cycling, are queried. There is one open-ended response field. Note that any information that identifies an individual respondent has been removed to preserve respondents' anonymity. The identities of specific local governments have been replaced with a random code, so that multiple responses from the same local government can be identified. Includes summary statistics tables.


Steps to reproduce

Upload survey to online questionnaire platform (e.g. Qualtrics). Email local governments with request email and survey link. Send reminders to local governments from which an identifiable response is not received after a two week period. Full method to be published in an upcoming research article.


Curtin University


Civil Engineering, Sustainability, City Planning, Local Government, Active Transport, Passenger Transport, Cycling, Personal Transportation