The Holy Glance of Mother Mary, and a Mathematical Visualisation

Published: 4 December 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/scmtmv8drj.1
Sunil Maria Benedict


This paper explores the enigmatic concept of the divine glance of Mother Mary and attempts a mathematical representation of this supernatural phenomenon. Inspired by the revelation to Saint Bridget about the overwhelming power of Mary's gaze, this study delves into the challenging task of symbolically modeling an action that transcends conventional physical and mathematical principles. Employing symbolic representations and analogies drawn from optics, dynamics, and calculus, the paper metaphorically interprets the instantaneous and powerful nature of Mary's glance. By symbolizing her glance as akin to the speed and intensity of light, equations and analogical models attempt to capture its transformative impact on malevolent forces and the instantaneous flight of demons. The research acknowledges the inherent limitations of conventional scientific approaches when confronted with divine or supernatural phenomena. While symbolic equations and visualizations through Python coding offer abstract narratives of celestial influence and the retreat of devils in response to Mary's gaze, they underscore the immeasurable essence of this divine intervention. Furthermore, the paper intertwines mathematical representation with the teachings of influential spiritual figures like Padre Pio and Louis de Montfort. Their writings on spiritual warfare, divine intervention, and Mary's pivotal role in guiding believers resonate with the symbolic representation of the divine glance, emphasizing the perpetual struggle between darkness and light. In conclusion, while this research seeks to mathematically symbolize the immeasurable influence of Mary's gaze, it remains an abstract contemplation beyond empirical grasp. This endeavor aims to inspire reflection on the transformative impact of divine intervention, symbolized by the gaze of the Blessed Virgin Mary, inviting contemplation across theological, spiritual, and mathematical realms. Keywords: Glance, Mary, Saint Bridget, Supernatural action, Divine intervention, Celestial forces, Padre Pio, Louis de Montfort, Spiritual warfare, Darkness and light, Python coding.


Steps to reproduce

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import numpy as np # Simulated data for devil positions num_devils = 10 devil_positions = np.random.uniform(0, 10, num_devils) # Random initial positions for devils # Position of the glance glance_position = 5 # Simulation of devil's reaction to the glance for i in range(10): # Simulating 10 time steps # Calculate distance of devils from the glance distance_from_glance = np.abs(devil_positions - glance_position) # Update devil positions based on the reaction to the glance devil_positions += (distance_from_glance / 5) # Adjust divisor for desired movement # Plotting devil positions plt.figure(figsize=(8, 4)) plt.title("The Glance of the Mother of God") plt.xlim(0, 10) plt.ylim(0, 10) plt.scatter(devil_positions, np.ones(num_devils) * 5, color='red', s=100) # Plotting devil's positions plt.text(glance_position, 8, "The Glance of the Mother of God", fontsize=12, ha='center') # Label for glance plt.xlabel("Distance") plt.ylabel("Devils")


CMR Jnanadhara Trust, CMR Group of institutions


Religion, Christianity, Catholicism, Spirituality, Spiritualism