Data for: Bringing harbours alive: Assessing the importance of eco-engineered coastal infrastructure for different stakeholders and cities

Published: 26 May 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/scvvwc37np.1
Sarah Kienker, Elisabeth Strain, Rebecca Jarvis, Peter Steinberg, Karen Alexander, Ross Coleman, Rebecca Morris, Barbara Bollard-Breen


The data ''bringing harbours alive'' demonstrates the results of the hypotheses that were set out to be tested: stakeholder group differences in support for ecological engineering, the link between level of concern for environment and support for ecological engineering, socio-economic differences in support for ecological engineering (education, income), level of harbour harbour development/ modification by artificial structures, and willingness to pay for ecological engineering.



Social Sciences, Environmental Management, Marine Ecology, Ecological Engineering, Stakeholder Engagement