„Dr. Google, my heart is trembling!” – the retrospective analysis of Google queries related to cardiovascular diseases symptoms in the years 2004-2019.

Published: 27-02-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/sd79s6ptyb.1
Mikołaj Kamiński,
Michał Borger,
Pawel Bogdanski


We used Google Trends (GT) to identify and analyze course over time and regional interest of seven topics: "Chest pain", "Cyanosis", "Edema", "Orthopnea", "Palpitation", "Shortness of breath", "Syncope". We analyzed secular trends using the Seasonal Mann-Kendall test and seasonal variation using time series decomposition. We calculated the interest of all topics in proportion to the Relative Search Volume (RSV) of "Chest Pain". 


Steps to reproduce

The metology will be presented in the publication.