Leucine effect on miR-494-3p and miR-696 and mitochondrial biogenesis in C2C12 myotubes

Published: 01-03-2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/sd7dxkc7r6.2
Claudia Pérez López,
Tsubasa Shibaguchi ,
Katsutaro Morino ,
小間 陸嗣,
Kazumi Masuda


- Western Blot images, semi-dry Samples: C2C12 myotubes treated with Control (H2O), Leu 1mM, Leu 3mM or Caff 3mM for 24h, applied in that order. - Raw data for statistics (Excel file). - Raw RT-qPCR data for the detection of miRNA expression levels and mitochondrial DNA copy numbers. Measurements were made by duplicates and relative expression were calculated using the ΔΔCt method.