Dataset: The psychometric properties of the 360° Servant Leadership Competency Appraisal [360° SLCA]: A servant leadership competence measure

Published: 2 December 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/sdkgv34spb.1
Michiel Frederick Coetzer


Dataset of managers and employees that completed the 360 Servant Leader Competency Appraisal.


Steps to reproduce

Data were collected using a survey (the 360 Degree Servant Leadership Competency Appraisal) during several intakes of a leadership development course at a business school in South Africa over a period of approximately three years. Data were also collected during a leadership development intervention in India. The purpose of the survey was explained to the participants before completing the survey and confidentiality were protected. Permission to use the results of the survey for researching purposes was also obtained prior to completing the survey. Instructions were sent to the managers via email on how to complete the survey and how to invite others to evaluate their leadership behavior. Managers then forwarded the instructions and the survey link to their direct report, peers, and superiors via email. Direct reports, peers, and superiors completed the survey anonymously.


Behavioral Assessment, Leadership Development