Teacher Bonus Program in Brazilian Schools

Published: 21 October 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/sf3frsthcj.1
Tharcisio Leone


The dataset is related to the research article "Addressing changes in professional behavior by teacher bonus: A mixed-methods approach." The data present the individual perception of teachers in relation to the teacher bonus program of the state of São Paulo (Brazil). The (online) survey using a structured questionnaire asked the teachers about their level of agreement with a serie of statements related to the bonus program and were measured on a five point Likert-format scale ranging from strongly disagree (1) to agree completely (5). The data cover a sample of 55 teachers employed in 25 different state schools from the municipality of Campinas (Brazil). Stata files (containing categorical and numeric variables) in raw format *.dta



School, Economics, Survey, Teacher