Cancer Types: RNA Sequencing Values from Tumor Samples/Tissues

Published: 18 May 2018 | Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/sf5n64hydt.1

Description of this data

samples: 2086
genes: 971
categories: 5 (BRCA, KIRC, LUAD, LUSC, UCEC)


[data: 2086x972 double]

  • each row contains a specific sample
  • each column contains the RPKM RNA-Seq values of a specific gene
  • the last column contains the cancer categories encoded numerically:
    1=BRCA , 2=KIRC, 3=LUAD, 4=LUSC, 5=UCEC


[geneIds: 1x971 cell]

  • each cell contains the name/gene ID of every gene stored in each column


[cancerTypes: 2086x1 cell]

  • each cell contains the category of every sample stored in each row


[1] BRCA: 878
[2] KIRC: 537
[3] LUAD: 162
[4] LUSC: 240
[5] UCEC: 269
(#) in total: 2086

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Published in: Neural Networks

Latest version

  • Version 1


    Published: 2018-05-18

    DOI: 10.17632/sf5n64hydt.1

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    Ferles, Christos; Papanikolaou, Yannis; Naidoo, Kevin (2018), “Cancer Types: RNA Sequencing Values from Tumor Samples/Tissues”, Mendeley Data, v1


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