Cancer Types: RNA Sequencing Values from Tumor Samples/Tissues

Published: 18 May 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/sf5n64hydt.1
Christos Ferles, Yannis Papanikolaou, Kevin Naidoo


samples: 2086 genes: 971 categories: 5 (BRCA, KIRC, LUAD, LUSC, UCEC) . [data: 2086x972 double] - each row contains a specific sample - each column contains the RPKM RNA-Seq values of a specific gene - the last column contains the cancer categories encoded numerically: 1=BRCA , 2=KIRC, 3=LUAD, 4=LUSC, 5=UCEC . [geneIds: 1x971 cell] - each cell contains the name/gene ID of every gene stored in each column . [cancerTypes: 2086x1 cell] - each cell contains the category of every sample stored in each row . [1] BRCA: 878 [2] KIRC: 537 [3] LUAD: 162 [4] LUSC: 240 [5] UCEC: 269 (#) in total: 2086



Breast Cancer, Endometrial Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Lung Cancer, Cancer Types, Tumor, RNA Sequencing, Cancer Research