Experimental dataset on the effect of soaking time and coagulant type on the overall quality of cheese extracted from Ethiopian Belessa-95 (Glycine max) soya bean

Published: 4 May 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/sf7pb6dzx2.1
Addis Jembere


The dataset contained experimental results related to the physical properties of soy cheese extracted from a selected variety of soybean found in Ethiopia. Results indicate how principal process parameters including soaking time and coagulant type (acid and salt-based) can significantly alter the final properties of soy cheese. The data is valuable in terms of providing a preliminary resource to further optimize the process conditions for this particular variety and to draw a comparison with other varieties since different variety will attribute their own properties. So ultimately the data will benefit dietary industries in the process of implementation and tackle protein-energy malnutrition in Ethiopia caused by the elevated cost of animal protein sources. Soybean (Belessa-95) was collected from Pawe agricultural research center, Pawe district, Ethiopia. The extraction process involved a number of steps including pretreatment of soybeans (removal of impurities), soaking, grinding, milk filtration, milk concentration, milk condensation, coagulation, soy cheese filtration. While in the process of extraction different coagulants were used (Lemon, vinegar, and CaSO4.2H2O) at a varied soaking time from 12 to 48 hours. onward all the experimental runs were subjected to different tests including mass yield, protein content (Kjeldahl method), moisture content (AOAC (1990)), ash content(AOAC (1990)), total solid content and pH(AOAC (2000)). Data on sensory evaluation were gathered from five semi-trained panelists using a five-point hedonic scale to record overall acceptability information. Later the data were statistically analyzed using SPSS Statistics version 20 by following analysis of Variance (ANOVA) with a significant level of 5%.



Bahir Dar University Institute of Technology


Chemical Engineering