Local conditions for the activities of the League of Women structures in the Lower Silesia during the Stalinist period

Published: 29 November 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/sfvwdcx5jg.1
Adam Miodowski


In December 1948, at the unification congress of the Polish Workers’ Party and the Polish Socialist Party, the Polish United Workers’ Party was formed. Thus, transplanted to Poland from July 1944, Stalinism entered the phase of its unfettered development. It reached the apogee of its development in the mid-1950s, and it was only October 1956 that closed the gloomiest period in the history of People’s Poland. The pathologies of Stalinism left their mark on the activities of the Main Board, as well as on the field structures of the new League of Women. In 1947-1955, the association was used to implement the productivisation process of Polish women. At the end of 1955, the process of program changes was initiated. The previous priority gave way to entirely different objectives, i.e. organizing assistance to women in the sphere of employment, raising children, household, hygiene and health.



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