EEG data (from real-time neurofeedback experiment)

Published: 31 October 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/sfwkmvmmd5.1
Greta Tuckute


EEG_epochs_sample.npy: numPy array of size [1200, 550, 32] corresponding to [trials, samples, channels]. The data is recorded with a sampling frequency of 500Hz using Enobio 32 (Neuroelectrics), i.e. 1100 ms of data (100 ms pre-stimulus onset, 1000 ms post-stimulus onset). The channels are ordered as: ['P7', 'P4', 'Cz', 'Pz', 'P3', 'P8', 'O1', 'O2', 'T8', 'F8', 'C4', 'F4', 'Fp2', 'Fz', 'C3', 'F3', 'Fp1', 'T7', 'F7', 'Oz', 'PO3', 'AF3', 'FC5', 'FC1', 'CP5', 'CP1', 'CP2', 'CP6', 'AF4', 'FC2', 'FC6', 'PO4']. y_categories_sample.npy: Contains binary category labels for each (visual) trial. 0 corresponds to a "scene" category. 1 corresponds to a "face" category. More information here: